Why You Must Hire A Cleaning Service for Your Commercial Building

Janitorial services are a must if you own or manage a commercial building. Some owners might want to cut corners on vendor services, but this is not a service you can ignore for any time. It only takes a single day of tenant, passersby, and visitor trash to make your property and lawn look really messy. A trashy property will deter new tenants from signing a lease with you and might also cause other vendors to work harder and increase your contract prices. Your property needs a janitorial service to perform nightly cleaning, daily porter services, and deep cleaning.

Nightly Cleaning

Each commercial office in your building will be accumulating trash throughout the day. It is important for this waste to be removed on a daily basis and hiring a janitorial service is the only way to guarantee this duty will be taken care of. If you rely on tenants to take out their own garbage you run the risk of trash being dragged, dropped, or left over in the units. This will contribute to bad building smells, stains on the building floor, and increasing the risk of rodents.

Daily Porter Services

These services are beneficial for your entire property. A daytime porter will float around your property and replace toilet paper, empty trash cans, and clean bathrooms. Your common areas will need lots of attention throughout the day and hiring a janitorial company can ensure that you get these services as part of your contract. If you don’t hire a janitorial company, you run the risk of having your building engineers or office staff handling these duties. Someone will need to order and manage inventory and it’s best if the management staff works directly with your daytime porter for best inventory control.

Deep Cleaning

The janitorial team who cleans offices for your tenants will go a step further than just taking out the trash. This team of cleaners puts in a collective effort to take out the trash, wipe down the counter tops, and dust the window seals. In addition to surface cleaning the floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed. These services can be worked into your monthly contract and happen on a nightly basis. The cleaners might not come in over the weekend, but any trash that was accumulated over those two days can most likely be handled by the daytime porter. It most likely will not be each tenant working on the weekends. If you think you’re ready to hire a professional cleaning crew just search online for a janitorial services atlanta ga. near you.


Keeping your property clean can be very simple if you contract with a janitorial service. Allow a group of cleaning professionals to partner with your company and make sure every suite in the building is in the best shape possible each day as tenants come in and open for business. Take your time and meet with a few companies, share your list of tenants and square footage and they will give you a quote. You might not want to choose the least expensive company because you want the best level of service for your money.