Why Private Security Industry Will Grow

A security guard that does not carry firearms is part of the workforce is projected to have an annual growth of nearly 6 percent to the year 2026. The security guard who works in a casino will sometimes be called a gaming surveillance officer and the segment of the workforce is projected to grow by only 4 percent until 2026. A security guard has a variety of duties that will differ by industry and establishment who requires services. The gaming surveillance officer will also monitor audio and video in casinos, and may ensure to video footage is kept organized in case footage is used as part of a law enforcement investigation. Security guards who will not carry firearms offer several benefits to any company who decides to utilize their services. Most qualities that most security guards have common are they have military or law enforcement background. There should be a clear understanding of

Benefits Of Using Security Guards Without Firearms

There are many unarmed security guards las vegas nv who provide protection to various companies and casinos. There are a few reasons a company will consider personnel who will not carry firearms. By using the personnel, a company will find a security guard who will not carry a firearm more affordable than an armed security guard. Carrying a weapon as a security guard requires a license and is considered a specialized skill. Personnel with specialized skills normally will have a higher pay rate than those without. The company will pay a lower pay rate to the security guard without a weapon. An unarmed security guard should be considered for other reasons such as:

  • Provides confidence is safety
    • Reduces the risk of violence
    • Effective means of protectionWith a security guard around, it can provide people the confidence that the environment is safe. The company who hires a security guard may understand the working environment is not high-risk and armed guards may not be required to provide the sense of safety needed; therefore, they opt to use a security guard who will not carry a weapon. The security guard with no weapon does receive special training to deter thefts. They can always call law enforcement if needed. A security guard without a weapon can limit exposure to possible violence that could occur if they had a gun. There could be a worst-case scenario that an armed guard is overpowered and a gun is taken and used to inflict harm to someone else. The harm that could threaten life and translate to the business owner being responsible for damages caused to a victim in a violent act. When a would-be burglar sees a weapon, it could cause them to react because they are threatened by the possibility the weapon could be used against them, and they react in a violent manner. Armed guards could promote fear and escalate the violent situation with the presence of a weapon; therefore, a security guard with no weapon may less likely to provoke a violent confrontation.

    Starting A Security Guard Company

A person must understand the state requirements for starting a private security firm. A person normally has to show they have experience in the field. For example, a person who has at least 10 years of law enforcement experience would be a good candidate able to start a private security company. The potential company would have to obtain a license to become a private patrol operator. Liability insurance must be obtained. There may be more requirements needed to be met; therefore, a person must ensure they do their research to better understand all requirements.